Tech Meetups in Edinburgh

A quick list of tech meetups I have found useful in Edinburgh. Given the fact that Meetup has announced that it may start charging high prices soon, this list includes alternative methods to stay in contact with the groups.

Deployments and Drones an Edinburgh tech meetup event

Edinburgh TechMeetup – General tech and geek meetup covering a broad range of topics on the second Wednesday of every month (disclaimer – I help to run this meetup) – or

PyData Edinburgh – Excellent Python-centric data science meetup on the first Thursday of every month – or

Edinburgh Data Visualisation Meetup – covers a wide range of data visualisation topics, unfortunately does not appear to have a regular date, but generally late in the month – or

Python Edinburgh – a monthly pub meet for Pythonistas, last Tuesday of the month – or

Bayes Centre (Edinburgh School of AI) – a variety of talks on AI topics held quite frequently – used to use a meetup group at now seem to prefer their own site at

Scotland Data Science Meetup – Hold events at a variety of Scottish locations including Edinburgh – or

Last but not least Edinburgh Board Gamers – not tech but certainly geeky – or or


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